Anti Muslim Video

Do you belief the director of the video that “caused” the recent attacks in the middle east would have been arrested for violation of probation, if he had uploaded a video that was not followed by violent attacks.. say he had uploaded footage of a cat and dog playing? 



One response to “Anti Muslim Video”

  1. Mr. Realty says :

    I guess it would depend on how important of a guy he was to begin with. According to what I understand, aside from the fact that the guy created this video that was used as an “excuse by extremists to incite violence,” (which was later proven to be a farce), he violated his parole and/or probation by using a computer to access the internet.

    Now, referring to your question, even if he posted a movie about cats and dogs, provided it wasn’t controversial in some way, and depending on his level of infamy, he may still have landed behind bars. There’s always a prosecutor out there ready to build their reputation by how intolerant they’re willing to be towards supposed offenders.

    The main difference I see is that we probably wouldn’t have heard about this through the media it because it wouldn’t rate that high on the scale of importance. Then again, we might have heard about it because of its pettiness.

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